A Strategic Partnership

We work with our clients to share our expertise and insights, advise on current efforts and recommend new strategies and bring new ideas to the table. We adapt to our clients’ work environments and coordinate with internal resources and outside partners/vendors to fulfill the outlined strategic objectives and initiatives. This includes, adhering to and embracing corporate style and standards, procedures, codes of conduct and ethics, and ultimately aligning with the culture. We regularly work with various teams within an organization, including working with product/service teams to maintain detailed knowledge of relevant solutions, coordination with compliance (e.g., approval and publishing of content) and serving as a resource for all marketing and communications teams. We create strong relationships with our clients, acting as a key business partner to their efforts, helping them to outline their goals, ensure efficiencies and meet project execution objectives and timelines.

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Advantages of an Independent Consultancy

Fresh, unique perspectives
and approaches

Vast industry experience, expertise and insights

3rd Party unbiased sounding board, review and recommendations

Key ideas, initiatives and internal operations assessment

New market opportunity identification

Additional resources, network and partnerships

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Project & Team Management

  • Communicating/presenting findings to board members, executive leadership and stakeholders
  • We develop, distribute and monitor major marketing roadmap, and coordinate with local offices on status
  • We support all marketing tactics, including campaigns, events, digital/social marketing, public relations, content strategy and creation, promotions and product launches, coordinating with other external partners to ensure alignment and efficiencies
  • We track and analyze the execution of marketing programs, including coordinating and collaborating with project teams and other internal/external stakeholders to ensure alignment; reporting on results, ongoing efforts, successes, and gaps; informing and gaining inputs from cross-functional teams; communicating /presenting findings to program/project leadership
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Cross-Team Collaboration

  • We work with national, regional and local officers, directors and cross-functional teams to implement market strategies and evaluate and modify market approaches.
  • Executive and senior leaders to define and implement corporate, business and brand strategies
  • Multiple management levels to create a unified vision, culture, and communications
  • Cross-functional and focused teams to inform and advance strategies and approaches
  • Sales and marketing teams to enhance sales and relationship management processes
  • Marketing communications, product, and service teams to optimize current approaches